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News Of January

News of January

New year and new Lunàdigas projects!

We are very happy to start this new year with a special project, which is very dear to us.

The project is Annotu (Archive in Sardinian), a collection of new testimonies in the Sardinian language, funded by the call for Advanced Studies and Research of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

With Annotu, a dedicated section of our Live Archive, we have started the collection of testimonies in the linguistic variants of Sardinia, aware of the importance of being able to express ourselves in our mother tongue, the one that marks our history, the language of memory, intimacy and identity.

The languages spoken in Sardinia, rich as they are in words and sounds that well describe the most intimate moods, respond perfectly to the search for motivations and meaning around important choices such as those of parenthood.

All testimonies, thanks to the collaboration of expert linguists, will be transcribed, translated and subtitled in Italian and English, archived and published within the Archivio Vivo and in a dedicated section of the site.

On our social media we will publish constant updates on all phases of the work.

News also for the International Fund with three new testimonies: Ted, William and Nathan, three students from the University of Washington, question their position regarding women who choose not to have children; Anaís and Tatiana, who discuss the issues that gravitate around the choice of non-parenthood in the Ecuadorian context; and Nacyb, coordinator and activist of the Rayhana association of Jendouba, Tunisia, who tells of her first-hand  experience as a woman with no children – not by choice – and then as a mother, finally recognized at a social level.

In the Stories section, Claudia Mazzilli rereads Adriana Cavarero with Demetra e Kore: we are born daughters before being mothers, In Spite of Plato: Feminist Rewriting of Ancient Philosophy.

The Impossible Monologue of Coco Chanel, read by Michela Sale Musio, enriches our Live Archive, together with the testimony of Marta Cavicchioni, a Roman artist and activist and a childfree woman herself, recounts her personal and professional journey based on the responsibility of triggering and taking care, through her art, of questions, possibilities, and new paths to conceive – socially and politically – as a community.

Soon, her exhibition for Lunàdigas – which we have given a taste of on our social media – will be available to visit inside Lunàdigas virtual gallery, prendo pArte!.



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