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Between etymology and anthropology: the word (for the) lunàdigas

In English it's either childless or childfree (but is there always a clear-cut separation between not wanting and not having children?) In Italian women without children: three words sewn together which say nothing about women's choice. A far too long, impersonal expression as the sentence closing a bureaucratic procedure. A vague, homologating, aseptic definition, as cold as a family status certificate. In Sardinian instead lunàdigas.

News of December

Ho Ho Ho... for Christmas time, here are the presents under the tree from Lunàdigas! In our Live Archive, two new testimonials: journalist and writer Geraldina Colotti – met in the Non-Catholic cemetery in Rome…

News of October

As autumn, the season of change and transformation, looms, we are happy to announce the many new features of October in the Lunàdigas world. First, our Live Archive in a new guise, now finally integrated…

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