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The unfortunate country that needs mothers

Claudia Mazzilli motivates her choice of "non-motherhood" by deconstructing the stereotype of patriarchal motherhood, thus offering us a precious opportunity to explore the values ​​of the mother in ancient matriarchal societies and in those still existing and marginalized or oppressed, as marginalized and diminished were the scholars who they shed light on these models of society, which have so much to teach the male chauvinist West.

News of August

The protagonists of this month's Live Archive, in this August marked by an attack aimed at erasing years of conquests and hopes, are two Lunàdigas who, in different ways, have committed themselves to the cause of women and children: Rossella Faa and Luisa Morgantini

Let’s go on a new adventure!

After the film Lunàdigas, or women without children, which from 2016 to today has collected a large number of successes and awards in Italy and abroad, and after having built a lively and active online community,…

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