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Let’s Go On A New Adventure!

After the film Lunàdigas, or women without children, which from 2016 to today has collected a large number of successes and awards in Italy and abroad, and after having built a lively and active online community, we have broadened our horizons and pushed ourselves beyond national borders, collecting also testimonials of childfree women coming from different cultures.

We are now ready for a new adventure. A new journey we can make together.
Thanks to your support and that of the whole community, we have begun to build our Live Archive, a multimedia and online collection of Lunàdigas voices, faces and lives, which will be enriched time after time with new testimonials, aiming to continue to be present as a reference point for all the people who want to acknowledge and invent together a different vision of motherhood and non-motherhood, beyond the prejudices and stereotypes that still weigh on the reproductive choices of all of us.

Testimonials, histories, articles and many surprises: a whole new program awaits you on Come and discover it!

What’s new?

Live Archive


Letizia Archivio Vivo

I don’t feel like one half needing to be filled by another half.

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Margherita Archivio Vivo

If I can’t have children, I will try to lead a life the way I like it.

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Alberta Hunter. Death and rebirth of a lady of the blues

Articolo 1 immagine newsletter

The extraordinary story of Alberta Hunter, who conquered the world of music twice: in the 1920s, when she became a blues diva, and then again at the age of 80, when she took the stage again, rekindling dreams and demons of an entire era.

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Childfree or childless? Neither, we are Lunàdigas!

Articolo 2 immagine newsletter

Can the terms childfree and childless express the complex and diverse world of women who don’t have children, without resorting to the usual toxic stereotypes?

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Haven’t seen the movie yet? Join the crowdfunding and watch it in streaming!


Every penny will be useful for:

  • new shootings in different parts of the world;
  • subtitling and archiving testimonials;
  • translating the international testimonials into Italian and the Italian ones into English;
  • continue the journey of Lunàdigas’ film and ideas in Italy and abroad.

Lunàdigas needs your support, now more than ever!


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