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News Of June

News of June

This June, we are happy to announce the participation of Lunàdigas at the Archives Festival, Archivissima 2023: from June 9, the presentation of the international series of the Live Archive will be available here, which begins to set a point in the research on reproductive issues on a global scale. A journey around the world, that of Lunàdigas, which touches all continents and questions women – but not only! – at every latitude, highlighting conditioning and discrimination experienced with regard to motherhood as (presumed) biological naturalness, within any social fabric.

👉The video will remain on our Youtube channel, do not forget to sign up to support the project in a simple and free way!

Great news also in the virtual exhibition space of Lunàdigas, prendopArte, which is enriched by four very special contributions: the Impossible Monologue of Pier Paolo Pasolini ─ read by Alberto Melis on November 17, 2015 and interpreted by Juan José Catania ─; the Monologue of Maria Medea Callas ─ interpreted in Greek by Leluda Dimopoulos and in Italian by the actress Monica Trettel.

Two Monologues also in the Live Archive: that of mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Hypatia and that of the nymph Daphne, also interpreted by Monica Trettel.

All extracts are taken from “Impossible Monologues. The exclusive revelations of 35 mythical Lunàdigas” by Carlo A. Borghi (Arkadia editions): an eccentric history book of women around the intimate dilemma between motherhood and non-motherhood, explored through thirty-five stories of mythical and exemplary women.

👉For a better experience, we invite you to browse within this new space of multifaceted and multilingual artistic expression from your computer, and to share your impressions, reflections and curiosities.

In the Stories section, you can read the reflection of the moderator of our closed Facebook group, Martina Bruno, “About the Pope, love and relationships”.

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