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News Of October

News of October

As autumn, the season of change and transformation, looms, we are happy to announce the many new features of October in the Lunàdigas world.

First, our Live Archive in a new guise, now finally integrated with the xDams Regesta software – used by many institutional archives – which makes it even easier, immediate and accessible to search for testimonies, keywords, topics or themes. An important point of arrival – but also a fresh start! – that returns the immense work of research, collection, archiving and translation carried out of the last two decades, and constantly updated. A unique work of its kind worldwide, made possible also thanks to our new collaborators who have expanded the circle of skills, professionalism and souls involved in the original project, which now becomes an essential point of reference for any research, professional or not, on the subject of reproductive choices in Italy and in the world.

To start discovering (or rediscovering!) the Archive we propose the last testimonies added: Veronica Pivetti, met at the Catholic cemetery in Rome on March 31, 2014, in which the actress and dubber reflects on her life as a woman without children fulfilled professionally. She questions the social rhetoric built around motherhood and touches on the theme of mothers regretting of having children, one of the most difficult issue to bring out and to recount by the common narrative. Then, we hear from Josephine Sassu, met in Nuoro on June 26, 2022, in which the Sardinian artist and teacher tells the reasons and feelings that have led her, since her early childhood, not to imagine herself as a mother, retracing the footsteps of some women of her family of origin who have not had any children.

Also in the section Stories a great new addition with Claudia Mazzilli‘s review of the latest work by Susanna Tartaro, La non mamma (Einaudi 2021).

This month’s cover was created starting from the first work by Josephine Sassu that gives the title to her exhibition, “My Life Experience”, which we will soon host in the virtual gallery Prendo pArte.

In the meantime, throughout the month of October, we present the artist and her works on our social channels: follow us there too, not to miss any news!

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