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News Of March

News of March

We celebrate March, the month of women, with choral testimonies that Lunàdigas has collected over the years among different women’s groups and associations.

March 2015 In the framework of Lunarte, a ceramics workshop in the San Lorenzo district of Rome, five women between the ages of twenty and forty discuss their personal experiences of motherhood and non-motherhood, the conditioning that affects women’s choices in terms of procreation, abortion and maternal instinct.

2014. In the locker room of the women’s rugby team in Verona, Giorgia, Beatrice, Alessia, Veronica, Chiara and Elena discuss over the theme of motherhood, that only Giorgia already experienced. Priorities and life projects, desires, fears, insecurities and confrontation with reality are mixed in the stories of these sportswomen who also address the issues of adoption, abortion and judgments on women without children.

2014. Annarita and Nora, retired teachers, discuss how their different experiences with motherhood – one the mother of a wanted child, the other undertook a path seeking independence from any given role – reflect on their life as a couple.

Alongside these new contributions that enrich the Live Archive, the Stories section grows with Io non sono il mio aborto, nessuna donna lo è  (I am not my abortion, no woman is), the powerful testimony from Maria, a young university student who tells the personal story of her pharmacological abortion, debunking many myths and prejudices of the common narrative on the voluntary termination of pregnancy, which still heavily affect this choice today.

📣The cover of March newsletter was created from the work of the artist Simonetta Pedicillo (instagram vidart_ao), blindfolded drawings #2watercolour and pen on paper.

🎨 If you are an artist, whether professionally or because you are passionate about it, and you feel inspired by the world of Lunàdigas, please feel free to send us your graphic design for the next themed cover.




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