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News Of June

News of June

With the voices in this month’s Live Archive, Lunàdigas meets the world of parenting, amidst mutual curiosity, distrust and admiration, common grounds and differences, prejudices and myths.

Fausta and Luisa, both nurses, tell us about their life as childfree women for different reasons and choices, but sharing the same dilemma regarding the future: they ask themselves the most pivotal question that is often posed to women without children, that is “who will take care of you when you are old?”.

Eleonora tells us about her life as a childfree woman, something she experienced very naturally, without feeling any taboo and without feeling judged by her family nor by her friends with children, whom she truly considers an interesting source for new learnings.

Although she would now be willing to dedicate herself to a child, Paola tells us of her choice of non-motherhood, opting for other things: travels, discovery, freedom and her devotion to stray animals, something she developed since her childhood in a family context that she recalls with deep emotion.

In the Stories section, two stories of non-binary lives: the testimony of M. (they/them), generously entrusted to the Lunàdigas community, which shows us how the social perspective of the inescapability of parenthood seen as a destiny, can also have a real, tangible impact on each AFAB person’s health; and the review by Claudia Mazzilli that takes us on the discovery of Bad Girls, a novel in which the Argentine writer Camila Sosa Villada tells us of heaven and hell experienced by the travestis.

📢This month’s cover was created starting from the work “Lunàdigas” by the artist Carlotta Di Stefano

If you are an artist, whether professionally or because you are passionate about it, and you are inspired by the world of Lunàdigas, please feel free to send us your graphic design for the next themed cover.

We will select 12 among them which will become part of the next Lunàdigas calendar 2023!

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