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News Of April

News of April

In recent weeks there has been a heated debate in our country regarding Surrogate Motherhood (as a reminder: in Italy it is illegal) which seems to want to reiterate at all costs the absolute sacredness of the traditional family, even at the expenses of parents and children of rainbow families already established, with the proposal of a law to make surrogate motherhood a universal crime.

An unprecedented discrimination, which already translated into the rejection by the European Policies Committee of the Senate of the proposal for an EU regulation for the recognition of the rights of all children including of gay couples and the adoption of a European certificate of filiation, and with the stop to the registration of children of same-sex couples (in Milan), even on a retroactive basis.

In all this we fit in with a single certainty: women’s bodies must stop being the subject of public debate and become a subject in their own right. Surrogate motherhood is already regulated in countries where it is legal, so as to avoid illicit money laundering and abuse of pregnant women and children. For Lunàdigas, any choice that does not harm any other human being is to be respected, even when it may not be shared.

And perhaps even more so. It is easy to fight for your own rights and for those who you feel close, it is more difficult to also protect the freedoms that we feel distant, even those for which we would not agree, if we were to choose.

Having children who have our DNA at all costs is not a right, but it is certainly a possibility that, if chosen in conscience, with awareness and without exploitation, should not concern anyone except those who access it.

We respond to this reactionary winds with beauty, opening the doors of prendopArte, our virtual exhibition space dedicated entirely to the world of art and the artists, with the testimony of Paola Valenzano, the first artist hosted in our new virtual gallery with the exhibition “La casa fiorita” (The house has bloomed), and with another powerful new testimony, Elena‘s, included in the Live Archive.

Meeting in Pradastagn (Borgo d ‘Anaunia, TN) on August 2, 2022, Elena tells us of her experience as a mother of a fifteen-year-old son and reflects on how parents are generally not prepared for parenthood, mostly due to the partial and judgmental narratives that surround motherhood (and non-motherhood), leaving women with a sense of inadequacy and loneliness.

Understanding mothers and non-mothers without labels and judgments, Elena brings motherhood back to the dimension of experience and not of social dogma, she finds the courage and lucidity to say that ignorance is one and the same, in all the extremes that in fact relegate women to very narrow boundaries (to each her own infernal circle!) and that only this, combined with the lack of safe spaces of speech and intervention, prevents us from looking “into each others’ eyes”, telling the truth, and shaking off thousands of years of patriarchal impositions. She invites us instead to generate new relationships of sisterhood and mutual support between women, respecing the right to choose in the reproductive field.

In the Stories section, you will find the last episode of Serena Castro Stera’s story I HAVE NO CHILDREN, Chea.

It is now more important than ever to share our opinions and stories.

Write to us at [email protected] to tell us what you think of these new contributions, or come and visit us on our social media channels to discuss them together!


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