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News Of March

News of March

We celebrate March with an impressive and lively choral testimony collected in spring 2015: the Orlando Association in Bologna, a feminist association for social promotion, invites Lunàdigas to reflect on reproductive rights in contemporary Italy and the need to legitimize the position of childfree women.

Gathered in a circle, following the historical feminist practice, a group of women of different ages, social backgrounds, ideas and souls, confronts the idea of motherhood and non-motherhood at 360 degrees, denouncing prejudices and stereotypes, exploring old and new narratives.

A polyphony of poignant faces and voices, not to be missed in the Lunàdigas Live Archive!

Something new also in the Stories section, with the second episode of Serena Castro’s story IHAVENOCHILDREN, Rosa.

Stay tuned for the final episode coming out in April!

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