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News Of January

News of January

From the imaginary universe of children, passing through the feeling of omnipotence of the twenty -year olds, up to the threshold of adult life and beyond, approaching the idea of motherhood and fatherhood changes with age.

It changes according to the behaviour of the family of origin, it changes as a result of the experiences accumulated – one’s own and those of others – it changes when confronting the world of work and relationships, it changes in way one relates with oneself, with one’s own mind and  one’s own body. This does not only mean that you might change your mind about having children or not, but above all it means you acquire an increased awareness of it day after day. And the ongoing process only ends with the ending of our last day on earth.

In this month of January, the youngest month of the year, the Live Archive is filled with very young voices: those of Pietro, Maria, Martino, Lucia, Adele and Marco – all between twelve and fourteen years old – who think about the meaning of the term “Lunadigàs”. They discuss – starting from the experience of people they know – about the reasons and feelings that characterize the life of those who choose not to have children, and they wonder about their becoming mothers and fathers in their future. We hear the voices of a young couple in their twenties, Matilde and Filippo, who discuss about having children, both as a rational choice and as an emotional drive, and reason around the fact that this choice should be equally guaranteed to both sexes in Italy. There is Martina, a young university student who tells us about her future expectations, also linked to how the gender issue is perceived by society regarding her professional field. Finally, the voice of Francesca, who reports what she hears around about the choice of having children and she tells us of her unwavering different point of view, while always in the company of her cat Minù.

Right there, when life seems to offer endless opportunities still open, when every challenge seems to be manageable, every road viable, every dream only one step away from becoming real, often that is exactly the age when all is black and white, when your certainties seem unshakable. The age of radical standpoints, the age when one desires to change the world, so that it becomes a place that resembles us more. Our editors Giusy Salvio and Claudia Camerlingo write about this and what happens next, starting from their own personal experiences, in their contributions The unbearable lightness of (not) being a mother and 30 years and no children, in the Stories section.

We dedicate January to the age of no compromises, nor half measures.

Here are the Lunàdigas voices of those who still have the future in their pockets, let’s share them around!

🎨 Januray cover is based on a work of artist Maria Chiara Calvani, specifically created for Lunàdigas. Our amazing q.b., a numbered and limited edition, all to be discovered.

👉 If you are an artist, whether professionally or because you are passionate about it, and you feel inspired by the world of Lunàdigas, please feel free to send us your graphic design for the next themed cover.

We will select 12 among them which will become part of the next Lunàdigas calendar 2023!



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