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News Of April

News of April

The first experiments of the Live Archive in dialogue with intellectuals, artists, historians, cultural workers, professionals and activists interested in delving deeper in the Lunàdigas themes worldwide continue their journey.

After out first stop in Latina, with the spontaneous collective of women who gave life to the event “Every day we deconstruct patriarchy” and after the meeting at the University of Paris Nanterre with the event “Questioner le désir d ‘enfant”, we invite the whole community to visit Lunàdigas & Marta Cavicchioni – ESSERE SENZA FIGLIꞫ E CREARE POSSIBILITÀ, exhibition of the works of the artist Marta Cavicchioni made for Lunàdigas, which defuse social conventions on parenthood and open up rarely explored horizons, where affection and desire find other forms to express themselves. The exhibition can be visited free of charge at the Teatro Lido in Ostia until Sunday 28 April.

New material also for the International Series of our Live Archive with the inclusion of two new testimonies: one with the Lebanese Maya, a university lecturer in Washington, who reflects on the different social pressure linked to motherhood in the United States and in Lebanon; and one with Claudia, a 25-year-old Cuban woman, who reflects on her choice of non-parenthood and reconstructs the steps that led her to this awareness.

We also continue to give voice to the testimonies in the Sardinian language thanks to the new section of the Live Archive, Annotu, with the testimony of Ivo, a Sardinian cultural operator who tells in Sardinian Campidanese language the reasons that led him to choose a life without children, despite the family and social pressures he suffered; and that of Costantina, a woman from Alghero who tells of not having had children with her partner not because of lack of will but because of the fear – also due to a difficult past – of not being able to give them what they would have needed.

For the series “Impossible Monologues”, we propose that of Hélène Vasilievna Kuragina, performed by the actress Monica Trettel, in which the famous character of “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy comes out of the novel to tell how difficult it is to live in nineteenth-century Russia for a woman with broader views and ambitions.

In the Stories section, Claudia Mazzilli reviews the brand new book by Ilaria Maria Dondi, “Libere di scegliere se e come avere figli” (translator’s note:”Free to choose if and how to have children”), in which the author guides us to understand that there is not just one type of mother and there is not just one type of woman without children, demolishing stereotypes with empathy.



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