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News Of September

News of September

A very rich September awaits us with many new testimonies included in the Live Archive.

Let’s start with that of Leonardo, a psychiatrist born in 1949, who, starting from his profession as a psychiatrist, reflects on his personal condition as a man without children – a reference figure for grandchildren and for the community – expressing to be quite in favour of the plummeting birth rate, challenging the utilitarian and economic principles underlying generational renewal.

We continue with a testimony that takes us to the International Fund of Lunàdigas: that of the couple formed by Michel and Stefano. Together for twenty-five years, the two men have been reflecting on their being a family, comparing themselves with their respective parental figures and thinking in perspective about the material and cultural legacy they will leave, given the absence of children, a condition that they have partly chosen and partly suffered as a homosexual couple.

We then fly to the USA, starting our journey to discover the international cycle of testimonies for Lunàdigas collected in Washington DC on the occasion of a conference on motherhood where we were invited to participate and present the film Lunàdigas, or concerning childfree women, with the testimonies of Giulia and Laura.

Giulia, a cinema expert, tells us about the greater openness she feels in the US compared to Italy on the issues of abortion and motherhood; she also reflects on the function of cinema as a language capable of conveying positive messages to women on many sensitive issues.

Laura, on the other hand, briefly tells us what it meant for her to be first a lunàdiga and then a mother.

We close with a flourish with the Impossible Monologue of Camille Claudel, abridged version taken from IMPOSSIBLE MONOLOGUES The exclusive revelations of 35 mythical Lunàdigas by Carlo A. Borghi (Arkadia editions), in which the actress Monica Trettel gives voice to the story of the French sculptor.

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