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News Of November

News of November

Violence against women, as we know, moves in multiform scenarios: it is sometimes direct, physical, immediately visible, while other times is indirect and devious, psychological and manipulative.

It is violence perpetrated by individuals but, unfortunately, again and again, it’s social violence, by Institutions, by governments.

For this November 25th – which finds us increasingly tired and disheartened counting the numbers of women killed, raped and seeing the more or less evident violence that we suffer every day around the world, exasperated by new wars that, as always, affect women twice – we want to spread some beauty. Strongly believing that the generous gesture, both intimate and political, of those giving their own testimony and sharing the voices of these women in the world, is a necessary step to establish new balances in which women gain more and more prominence on the social scene, safe from endemic male violence, which we can no longer afford with the cultural tools we have achieved after millennia on this Earth.

Let’s start with the Impossible monologue of Lucy Van Pelt – an extraordinary icon co-starring in the Peanuts comic strips written and drawn by Charles Schulz – born from the pen of Carlo A. Borghi.

Lucy, with her usual irony and wit, and thanks to the voice of Vanessa Podda, tells us what it means to be a Lunàdiga. Because she does know what it’s like to always have kids in the way!

Within the virtual gallery prendo pArte!, we have included one of the Lunàdigas Icons performances, created during the Author’s Residences of the Approdi project curated by Caravan Association in November 2015, taking place in private homes in the Villanova district in Cagliari.

These are short compositions, in the form of a performative installation, conceived and elaborated starting from the “Impossible Monologues” by Carlo A. Borghi by lunàdigas women: artists who have opened up to eyewitnesses the intimacy of their creative processes, embodied in their experiences and reworked into performative icons.

The first performance we offer is Dead Branches, by Alia Sellami, a Tunisian soprano and performer of multi-ethnic origins, who enthusiastically welcomed this as a starting point that allowed her to delve deeper into a theme which is much open in her awareness journey, creating for her performance an environment that she defined “my universe”.

Alia gifts Lunàdigas also with an homage to Eastern singer Asmahan – a lunàdiga who died at a young age – performing one song.

In her testimony for the Live Archive, “Leave us in peace”, Alia reflects upon the definitions and judgements directed to women with no children, something that led her to conceive a dedicated performance, also giving her personal story as a lunàdiga woman.

Something new also for the International Fund of our Live Archive with the testimony of Sam, a young American student of Greek-Italian origins, who explains the reasons behind her desire not to want children and reflects on how and who accepted her choice within her family, friends and social circles, highlighting the differences between the USA, Italy and Greece.

In the Stories section, the testimony of Giorgia Ester Serra, the result of a fortunate encounter with Lunàdigas, in which Giorgia offers an intimate account of her childhood, marked by the burning desire to leave and find an “elsewhere” to call her place, her gesture, her own thought in the world.

Further news about the International Fund: a few days ago La Stampa awarded our video “Archivio Vivo Internazionale” proposed for the 2023 edition of Archivissima. Here is the link to view or review it!

❗New search functions in our Live Archive that you can now easily browse from within our site. From today, thanks to some implementations made by Regesta.exe, you can select testimonials by language, nationality and country of production. That’s right, because we have collected voices of various nationalities, but not always in their countries of origin. Of course you can still continue to browse the Live Archive by doing generic searches for words, topics or people mentioned. For all the testimonies filed and published, it is possible to activate the subtitles in Italian, English and in the spoken language.




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