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News Of November

News of November

In November, the Lunàdigas virtual gallery of  prendo pArte will host Josephine Sassu exhibiting her series My Life Experience (2022), through which the artist takes us into a universe made up of reworked, drawn, amplified photographic images, ranging from the search for oneself to the life that flashes before our eyes a moment before dying.

Two new testimonies are added to the Live Archive“Monica’s friends“, in which five women talk about their experience with motherhood and non-motherhood, debating regarding pregnancy, violence, contraception, how well you can know the other, and about the different cultural approaches towards motherhood between Northern and Southern Italy and in the United States; and artist Giusy Calia, who tells of her creative work and her inspirations, in particular related to the figure of women and “deviant behaviours”. Thanks to her interest in total institutions, such as female asylums, Giusy Calia had the opportunity to exchange views with Alda Merini about her experience and vision of motherhood.

In the Stories section, Claudia Mazzilli returns to bell hooks with the review of Teaching to Transgress. Education as practice of freedom, “much more than an essay on theoretical pedagogy, because experience and theory never separate in the thoughts, in the teaching, in the very writing of bell hooks, which is above all a self-narrative.”

The path of the Lunàdigas project also continues in the world of education: after a rich meeting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples on November 14th, we have also organized two meetings at the Classical High School “E. Fermi” of Alghero, in which the students will have the opportunity to see the film Lunàdigas, or women without children and discuss together with part of Lunàdigas editorial staff: the authors Nicoletta Nesler and Marilisa Piga, the archivists Silvia Moretti and Roberta Colangelo, the translator Daniela Travaglini and the social media manager Giusy Salvio.
The project, funded by the Foundation of Sardinia, will also see the students engaged in the creation of short video testimonies (of themselves, family and friends) to investigate the theme of motherhood and non-motherhood (and parenthood in all its aspects) in their own context.
A valuable opportunity to reflect together on the articles of our Constitution that protect the reproductive rights of citizens, and on how and how deeply society still transmits stereotypes and prejudices that pressure on the individual freedom of everyone.

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