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News Of July

News of July

With our participation to Archivissima Festival 2023, we presented the International Live Archive Fund and, to embark on this new journey around the world, we symbolically start from Italy this month with two contributions with an international flavor: the testimony of  Elba Teresa, an Argentine, cosmopolitan woman with Italian origins, active in the defense of human rights, met in Montevarchi (Arezzo); and that of Nela, a Spanish wanderer who, at the time of the interview, was a teacher in Morocco.

In the Live Archive, in addition to Elba and Nela, we also find the interview with Patrizia, owner of a bookstore in Cagliari after a years-long experience working in Milan; and the Monologue The Moon, an extract from the pages of Carlo A. Borghi interpreted by Monica Trettel.

Fresh writings also in the Stories section, with Claudia Mazzilli‘s review of the novel by anarchist and feminist Cristina Morales, Lettura Facile.

The journey, the exile, the world as a home and the strength of women who move, migrate, unravel threads that other women then resume at different latitudes; women who expand their geographical boundaries, who cross them and discuss them through the filter of motherhood and non-motherhood.
These are the themes we will address in July.
As always, please join us on all our social channels to discuss it together.


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