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News Of February

News of February

In February, two new testimonies are added to our Live Archive: that of Susy Bellucci, in which the singer-songwriter talks about her artistic life dedicated to children’s music, addressing the topic of non-motherhood and the social and family conditioning linked to it ; and that of Franca Elisa, who tells us about her life starting from her childhood and adolescence spent in Sicily in the 1980s, within a family and social environment where emotions, death and sex were taboo, up until her personal growth in Rome, where she moved since her university years, and her greatest goal she achieved there: having a house of her own.

In the Stories section, we are happy to present the first episode of Serena Castro’ s story, IHAVENOCHILDREN. Giulia.

This collaboration is the result of a fortunate encounter on Lunàdigas’ social networks and is the tangible sign of what we like most about this project: bringing together souls, ideas, opinions and all possible forms of art, at the “service” of reflection and research – always horizontal and never dogmatic – on motherhood and non-motherhood.

Stay tuned for the next episodes!

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