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New Impossible Monologue

New impossible monologue

The collection of writings “Monologhi impossibili” (Impossibile Monologues) by Carlo A. Borghi, gathers the voices, words and ideas of many real and imaginary women (and men), united by the choice of not having children. A fine group of lunàdigas ante litteram. The Impossible Monologues, thanks to a journey through Time, give voice both to real historical characters who lived in other eras, such as heroines, film divas, artists, poets, mystics, outlaws and others, and to mythological figures from and characters from comics, as well as to women and men from ancient and modern literature. Strong and resolute women (and men), famous and otherwise, who were – however unintentionally – a reference for the choice to be Lunàdigas. The title Impossible Monologues explicitly refers to the famous 1970s radio series ‘The Impossible Interviews’.
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