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Icone Lunàdigas. Alia Sellami

Icone lunàdigas. Alia Sellami

Performance Lunàdigas Icons – realized during the Authors’ Residence, part of the Approdi project curated by the Carvoan Assiciation.
Short compositions as performative installation designed and elaborated starting from C.A. Borghi’s “Impossible Monologues”
Lunàdigas women, artists, who have given themselves up to the gaze witnessing the intimacy of their creative processes, embodied in their experiences and reworked into performative icons.
Alia enthusiastically welcomed C.A.Borghi’s Impossible Monologues as a starting point that allowed her to delve deeper in a theme which is much open in her awareness journey.
She created an environment for her performance that she called ‘my universe’. Cosy, full of crystal clear lights, visual and sound references produced by vibrating bells and branches, dead branches and crochet centerpieces that she orchestrates through her voice; a mantra: ‘leave us alone’.

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