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News Of December

News of December

In this month’s Live Archive you will find for the first time some contributions from men, who share with us their views regarding parenting and fatherhood.

The first one is from Erri De Luca, where the Neapolitan writer tells us his view on fatherhood, connected to his own life experience and his knowledge of literary and biblical domains.

The second voice is playwright, composer and writer Moni Ovadia who tells us of his reasons, both professional and personal, that led him and his wife Elisa not to feel the urge to have children. He addresses the role that religion played in establishing the traditional family as the centre of our society.

The third contribution is from Giovanni, a young man met in Rome who shares with us his thoughts about parenting, which he considers a great responsibility, especially because it is a free choice. He expresses his views also on Rainbow Families and the very concept of Nature, which includes also us human beings, who find ourselves on different level thanks to our education, which mainly comes from our family background.

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