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Promise is from Nigeria and loves being a mother. She recounts that in her country, women who do not have children are called ‘barren’ and suffer the judgments and pressure of family and society.

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PROMISE: «My name is Promise. I’m from Nigeria. In my country, it is very important for every woman to have children. Very important for every woman to have children.
If you don’t want to have children, then you are not going to get married. Yes. Maybe, if they got married, and don’t have children yet, they are called “barren”. They call them “barren”. They would say, “This woman, doesn’t have children, she is barren”. They get angry at you. People ask you, “Why don’t you want to have children?”
Especially their mothers would be telling them, “I gave that to you, and now you don’t want to give back to your children?” Very tough. And very crazy. They consider them like… maybe they are crazy, they have to go to the hospital, to check if they are ok.
Maybe before they got married, the man and the woman, the husband and wife, they have to discuss it. They are getting into marriage, they are not going to have children. The man and the woman, they would understand that they are just getting married between themselves, they don’t want children. Yes, but the two families, they won’t like it. It will be a problem. Every time, they would come to the house, “You got married five, six, ten years ago, you don’t want to give us children?” This is a problem.
You know, they will be shouting, fighting the woman. That’s how it works in Africa.
As for me, I like to have children, because I love children. Yes, I like having children. Yes, then to take care f them to become great, to have a good future. To become great in their future. Yeah, then when I get old, when I’m old, they can take care of me, too.
The family of the man would say it’s the woman’s fault. Every time it’s only the woman’s fault. Encourage them to wait for God to give them a child, to give them children, yes.
I would that you should first have a career, you study, after studying you should have a job, then you can got married. When you got married, you can start having children.»

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