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A growing number of women are choosing not to have children. Lunàdigas explores their world.

A multimedia collection of voices, faces, and lives of lunàdigas, the natural next step from the web documentary and film. Little by little, the archive will publish all the complete testimonies gathered and unseen clips. It will be continuously updated, offering a constantly-growing space for sharing and research.

The aim of the authors is to make Lunàdigas a platform that keeps on growing, telling the stories of women without children from a range of cultures and creating a space for listening, sharing and research.

This goal is only achievable thanks to the contributions of our devoted Lunàdigas community: dig deep in support of this new challenge!

Thousands of Lunàdigas are following our project on social networks, hundreds of them discuss on our Facebook group to share knowledge and opinions. Join us!


For updates on the project and the latest news from the blog and from the Lunàdigas community

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